Client Testimonials

“His ability to dissect a conversation and pull out the salient points is what keeps me coming back for more of his expertise year after year. ”
Stephanie Chernay
Chief Operating Officer, Neighborhood Allies
“I would recommended Terry as a coach to anyone that is great already but wants an extra edge that touches both professional and emotional growth. ”
Joshua Pollard
President & CEO, Omicelo
“Three words come to mind from my experiences with Terry Doloughty. They are knowledge, passion, and camaraderie.”
Meleak Potter
“I have always found Terry to be supportive, caring and more than willing to connect you to the resources and connections he has. ”
Gary Britcher
Owner, Steel City Energy Conservation
“Working with Terry is a delight. His optimism is contagious. This approach has helped me achieve things that were once far reaching.”
Jason Flowers
Executive Director, Omicelo Cares

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