B.O.S.S. Consulting offers a variety of training sessions available to both groups and individuals.

Training topics available for groups include:

  • Board Basics - Ideal for new board members, Board Basics reviews all of the responsibilities and requirements of being a board member.
  • Board Basics 2 - In this Board of Directors training session, we review how to be an effective board member and how you can help move your organization forward.
  • Understanding Expectations - How do we set clear expectations and effectively communicate them to others? This training session reviews boundaries and communication skills.
  • Mistakes Are Not Fatal - Everyone makes mistakes, including (and sometimes especially) leaders. We’ll discuss how we look at failure as data, process that data, and deploy it as a useful tool.
  • Leadership Resiliency Training - This training provides leaders with the tools and knowledge they need to deal with a crisis before it occurs.
  • Procrastination As A Symptom - Procrastination is often an indicator of an underlying issue. In this training session, we’ll identify the real reasons behind procrastination in your team.

Training topics available for individuals include:

  • Leadership Fatigue - Leaders can be prone to over giving. In this training session, we’ll explore how to recover from over giving, set healthy boundaries, and repair broken boundaries.
  • Active Listening For Leaders - With so much on your plate, staying fully present during a conversation or meeting can be difficult. Boost your active listening skills and learn how to better engage with others, accept input, and increase the confidence of your team with this training session.
  • Building Your Organizational Culture - How do we create a culture of giving and avoid the burn out of self sacrifice? Let’s talk about it!
  • Imposter Syndrome - For many leaders, imposter syndrome can lead to a large amount of unnecessary, burdensome stress. Learn how to value yourself, your experience, and your work in ways that avoid the imposter trap and build confidence.
  • Setting Achievable & Actionable Goals - Don’t get bogged down by unmet expectations and commitments that are beyond your capacity. In this training session, we discuss how to be both constructive and productive when setting your goals.
  • Emotional Elasticity for Leaders - Be a thinking leader and not a reactive leader. Understanding the source of your reactions helps you to think and not just react.

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