Nonprofit Resilience Program focuses on leaders wellbeing to create trust, connectivity and build capacity

Pittsburgh, PA — Eleven nonprofit executives have been selected as the first cohort to participate in a three month resiliency program to address personal and organizational pressures that have been exacerbated by COVID-19. Hosted by New Sun Rising in partnership with Neighborhood Allies, The Partnership Network, The Forbes Funds, and made possible with support from The Staunton Farm Foundation, the Nonprofit Resilience Program creates a resource that assesses individual leaders and provides them tools for personal healthy mental habits. It also addresses the overall health of the organization and provides capacity building tactics and tools to better understand the symbiotic relationship between the two. Co-developer of this initiative, Terry Doloughty of Boss Consulting, will also be one of the technical assistance providers working with non-profit leaders to help them establish strong personal and organizational health habits. Read full press release here.