The B.O.S.S. Consulting team is passionate about supporting and developing leaders in our community. If your business or organization would like Terry or one of our expert team members to speak at your conference, networking group, or in-service event, contact us today.

Topics we can address:

  • Is Money Your Friend?
  • Emotional Elasticity
  • Self Regulation & Boundaries
  • Thinking Not Reacting
  • Understanding Social Bandwidth
  • What Does Success Really Mean?
  • Mistakes Are Not Fatal
  • How to break out of Decision Fatigue
  • Understanding Imposter Syndrome
  • Procrastination is a symptom of other problems
  • How Self Worth affects your relationship with money
  • Fear and Profits
  • Why Giving Succeeds Where Self Sacrifice Fails
  • How Self worth affects your pricing
  • One on One Female Executive mentoring and coaching
  • Facilitating Women Only executive peer to peer groups
  • Diversity trainingĀ for managers in male dominated industries
  • Inter Gender communication strategies

Contact us to hire a B.O.S.S. speaker for your organization.