Trusted Partners

This page contains a listing of organizations that B.O.S.S. Consulting has worked with and has found great value in the services they provide. We thought we'd share it with you so you could benefit from their expertise and offerings. These are vetted, trusted partners.


Honeycomb Credit

It all started with a community bank and a juice shop.

As a sixth-generation community banker, George grew up in Western Pennsylvania and saw firsthand how the disappearance of community banks was limiting small business owners from getting the loans they needed to make their businesses thrive. In Kansas City, Ken was struggling to get capital for his juice shop, despite his finance background. George and Ken put their heads together—and Honeycomb Credit was born.

Today, we're a team of small business owners, finance nerds, bloggers, and food enthusiasts. What connects our diverse interests are a shared passion for community and a strong belief in the power of Main Street.

Honeycomb Credit unlocks growth opportunities for small businesses to build vibrant, financially empowered communities.