Are You Experiencing Burnout?

In this unrelenting pandemic many of us are continuing to experience stress and fatigue that feels different than anything we’ve felt before. It can be hard to describe and name something that feels so new and pervasive. That’s where the term “burnout” has come in. It’s become a catchall, used extensively to try to communicate […]

Support CobblerWorld

Being a small business owner presents many challenges — both internally and externally — as we work to keep our businesses running and growing. However, there are some challenges that are not acceptable in any way.  One of my friends, Terina Hicks, has built her business, CobblerWorld, from the ground up. She’s worked hard, gone […]

B.O.S.S. Consulting Is On Instagram

Here at B.O.S.S. Consulting we’re always researching, digesting, and comparing information for our clients. Continuous learning is a key to success! As we encounter relevant and helpful information, we want to provide it in ways that our current and future clients can find and use it. With that in mind, we’ve added Instagram to our […]

Understanding and Mitigating Our Leadership Quirks

There is no one way to lead, and that also means that there are different ways to approach the leadership quirks we all have.  In a recent Harvard Business Review article, Ron Carucci and David Lancefield explore different personality flaws and share constructive and useful tactics that will help you to improve your leadership style, […]

Letting Go, The Leadership Superpower

I work with many clients one-on-one over long periods of time and it’s inspiring to watch them work through difficult challenges and have those “AHA!” moments.  We work through organizational issues, financial difficulties, trauma, fear, and anxiety. The changes and processes that the individual leader adopts have monumental positive impacts on their organization as a […]

The Hard Call, Or Is It?

Time and money are both critical resources for any organization. When a challenge arises that costs both time and money, decisive action is imperative.  I work with entrepreneurs and organizational leaders who have had to overcome a lot of past pain and trauma associated with money. The scars can run deep, affect your self-worth, and […]

The Entrepreneurial Vacation System

This is a test of the Entrepreneurial Vacation System. Please stand by… When was the last time you scheduled and successfully took some time off? Has it been a while? Let’s change that. Open your calendar, pick a week, and schedule it off from your business. Time for an entrepreneurial recharge!  Be honest, are you […]

Asking Questions to Evaluate Effort

You’ve heard the old saying “work hard to get ahead,” right? In my experience, I’ve found “work smarter not harder” to be more helpful. Everyone has limitations on their resources. Your time, money, effort, and your body all have boundaries that, while flexible, need to be respected. That’s why thinking ahead is so important. Effort […]

Normal Is Currently Not Available…Lets Talk About It

We’ve all learned a lot during this pandemic. One of the things that has become increasingly apparent is that the normal of the past will remain there. Now, over a year and a half into this ever-changing situation, we need to recognize that “normal” is a moving target.  If there’s ever been a time to […]

Time vs. Money

Thinking about how you use your time and money takes up a lot of bandwidth for small business owners and community leaders. Everyone has a bit of the pioneer spirit in them, but as entrepreneurs we tend to have a larger than average dose of it. That makes it easy to fall into the trap […]