Taking the Plunge

I do my best to help every entrepreneur that comes my way, including those still holding down a traditional job while working on their business part-time. But truthfully, that does make growing your business a bit more complicated. When I ask those clients why they haven’t taken the plunge and quit their day job, I […]

Are You Giving Too Much?

We all want happy customers. Because of that fact we entrepreneurs tend to go above and beyond to impress our clients. However, there’s also a pretty good chance we’re not communicating that extra work to our customers when we invoice them. And one thing is for sure: our customers can’t value or appreciate work they […]

Pioneer with Limitations

As entrepreneurs, we’re hardwired to break the rules. We stepped out of our 9-5 world to build a business from the ground up with no guarantee of a paycheck or customers. So from the outside looking in, entrepreneurs can seem like unstoppable superheroes. But the truth is more complicated.  Starting and building a business is […]

Saying Goodbye to the Old You

If you’ve been following along with our blog, you may have noticed a bit of a theme when it comes to our subject matter. We talk a lot about change. In the last month, we’ve explored how we perceive ourselves and our businesses, the boundaries we set, and the permissions we give ourselves. All of […]


Hello, all you hard-working entrepreneurs! Thank you for inspiring us with your creative, pioneering spirit. At this time of year, many of you are likely finding yourselves working harder than ever. It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to keep going– to stick to your “normal”– even when you’ve reached the end of […]

Spreading Imposter Anxiety

Imposter syndrome is the constant companion of people in the entrepreneurial world. It causes us to spend valuable time and energy assessing, comparing, and doubting – downgrading the best possible resource we have to work with, ourselves. In some recent conversations about bandwidth, something I didn’t expect kept coming up. We’re not just using up […]

Do You Need to Fire Your Old Self?

When we transition from a regular 9-to-5 to life as an entrepreneur, it can feel freeing. No one gets to tell us how or when to work! But in reality, as entrepreneurs, we tend to use our newfound freedom to work longer hours doing too much work for sometimes minimal benefit. Before we know it, […]

Boundaries and Tolerance

Recently, I’ve met with many clients who have difficulties setting boundaries. With the holiday season quickly approaching, it can be even easier than usual to find yourself in a pattern of over-committing — becoming fully engrossed in your business and ignoring healthy boundaries. But how do you set and stick to a healthy boundary? That […]

Taking on the Emotional Burden of Leadership

As leaders, we often prioritize taking care of our teams over ourselves. We forget that we are also a part of the team and need the same level of care to maintain our own capacity. In a recent Harvard Business Review article, executive coach Dina Denham Smith and professor Alicia A. Grandey write about the […]

It’s time to update your terms of payment

Money is always a subject of interest and worry for entrepreneurs. It can feel complicated and tied up in emotions stemming from early experiences. Those emotions can impact your business decisions. That’s why we’ve discussed money-related topics, like pricing and financial anxiety, many times on this blog. Today I want to focus on a topic […]