Navigating the Financial Maze of Small Business

Struggling with innumeracy? You’re not alone! I have also been part of the “What do these numbers even mean?” club. But, as life and business change, I’ve become even more aware of the importance of continuous learning. It is beneficial not only for B.O.S.S. Consulting but also for the small business owners and nonprofit executives […]

The Power of Purpose: How a Clear Statement Drives Early-Stage Business Success

Finding your way through the maze of starting a business is no cakewalk – there’s the cash crunch, fierce competition, and many other challenges along the way. However, a well-crafted purpose statement is a powerful tool that can guide you through the turbulence of startup life. It’s not just a fancy tagline; it’s your North […]

Pricing Sucks

In the wild world of small business, navigating the road to success comes with its fair share of challenges. One often underestimated hurdle is the fear of pricing products or services just right. Instead of safeguarding the bottom line, this fear can be a real roadblock to both staying afloat and turning a profit. Let […]

Exploring the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

by Bruce David, B.O.S.S. Consulting Intern In the life cycle of entrepreneurship, the early stage is defined by exploration and discovery, and the growth stage is about navigating established routes and expanding one’s territory. The transition between these stages is not merely a change of pace; it’s a transformation that encompasses strategy, operations, and leadership. […]

Mission vs. Plan

When running a small business, the path to success is a winding journey filled with its share of hurdles and sacrifices. One such hurdle is when your personal mission doesn’t quite align with your business plan. Let’s explore that delicate situation today. First, let me introduce you to Sarah, a passionate entrepreneur and owner of […]

Fear Of Finding Out

I work with entrepreneurs at all stages, whether they’re growing, pivoting, or rebuilding. A common hurdle is the fear of information. It’s a widespread issue. Entrepreneurs often avoid digging into the numbers because, well, fear gets in the way. It’s like when you’re in denial – you don’t want to admit it. This fear of […]

Navigating Fear to Embrace Change

As small business owners and nonprofit professionals, we know change is our constant companion. Adapting, evolving, and guiding our business toward growth is a must-have skill. Yet, dealing with change is easier said than done. Fear, a formidable and shared emotion, often stands in the way and blocks our ability to embrace change. Fear is […]

Are You The Owner

Many small business owners share a curious quirk – they hesitate to fully embrace the title that defines their role: Owner. This trend isn’t hard to spot. Many small business owners feel uneasy about calling themselves “Owner.” Their reasons are as diverse as their businesses. Here are just a few: This hesitation to fully embrace […]

In the Pursuit of Profitability

In the entrepreneurial world, where decisions carry weight and the clock never stops, we often forget a fundamental principle: valuing our time. Changing how we see time can make a big difference between success and just getting by. An entrepreneur’s time is precious and limited, an investment that should bring the best returns. Turning an […]

The Paradox of Pricing

As you build your business, you’ll likely face a tricky challenge: how to price your products or services just right. It might seem straightforward in this data-driven age, but it’s anything but. Turning your entrepreneurial dream into a reality requires carefully considering every aspect of your business. And pricing is often entwined with a lot […]