Addressing Poverty Spasms

For many years I’ve struggled to adequately convey to my individual and group clients just how deeply we can be affected by money. Our emotions, reactions, and thoughts about money are deeply intertwined with each other and often interact outside of our conscious control. We can become subject to fear, anxiety, stress, physical discomfort – […]

What To Do About Change Exhaustion

We all know that change is a constant in our work and personal lives, and constant change (along with the uncertainty that comes with it) takes up a lot of bandwidth. It’s hard to plan for a busy day or week when you know that you’re going to need to shift gears and make plans […]

How To Build A Resilient Mindset

You’ve probably heard the word “resiliency” a lot these days – it’s become quite the leadership buzzword. However, there’s more to it than that. Let’s get into it. When you’re practicing resiliency, you’re operating in a forward thinking mindset. You’re running different scenarios in your mind, constructively imagining what kind of challenges may arise and […]

Grief & Growing

Do you ever wish that you could turn back the clock and provide your younger self with some of the skills and knowledge that you now have? I know I sometimes do.  No matter how long you’ve been at this, starting and growing a business brings about a lot of change. You grow and advance […]

Financial Feelings

At B.O.S.S. Consulting, we work with small business owners and community leaders to help them identify any fears that may impact how they operate as individuals and how they perform in their organizations. For many people, finances are a major obstacle – even the thought of discussing money can make them freeze up. But left […]

The Accidental Leader Newsletter

Working with small business owners and nonprofit executives is both challenging and rewarding. It’s a privilege to support you on your journey of professional and personal growth, to share information, and to talk strategy. In addition to our one-to-one mentoring and group facilitation, we want to share our content with those we may not have […]

Boundaries Are Profitable

I bet I caught your attention with the title of this blog! The best part about it is that it’s true – boundaries are profitable. Some of us who have difficulties setting boundaries may see them only as limitations. But that’s not the case. Boundaries are gateways to finding the right clients, the right markets, […]

The Power of Testimonials

You’ve started your business, worked with a few clients, and you’ve just received your first glowing testimonial. Congratulations! That kind of validation for a small business is priceless. Knowing that your product or service is wanted and appreciated makes all the hard work and long hours feel worth it.  After you bask in those warm […]

Planning for the Best and the Worst

Over the past week, I’ve had a lot of conversations that centered around cybersecurity and business protection. As small business and organizational leaders, we are always looking for new ways to grow our business, but it’s equally important that we also protect what we’ve already built. We do our best to keep our businesses and […]

Building Your Business Continuity

Running a small business is difficult even in the best of times. Add a little chaos to the mix (like a major storm or unexpected structural damage to your office or storefront) and the outcome can be dire. When you come up against issues that you’re unprepared for, often the only thing you can do […]