Every small business owner knows the value of relationships and partnerships. It’s how we grow, it’s how we expand capacity, and, in the long run, it’s how we build success. 

Partnerships get results because both sides bring value to the table. With that in mind, I’m excited to announce that B.O.S.S. Consulting and Honeycomb Credit have partnered to help our small business clients by providing the foundational support and finances they need to thrive and succeed.

At B.O.S.S. Consulting, we’ll always concentrate on nurturing the human side of leadership. In our work with nonprofit and small business leaders, we strive to build their capacity. With the right supports in place, their organizations develop the next generation of leaders, and their communities benefit. And that brings us back to one of our core beliefs as an organization -- that developing leadership as a renewable resource is one of the most important steps for building intergenerational wealth in our communities.

Honeycomb Credit provides growth opportunities for small business owners to build vibrant, financially empowered communities. By offering unique, non-traditional funding opportunities, Honeycomb can be the partner you need to get your business to the next level.

I’m looking forward to a long-term partnership with Honeycomb Credit as we work together to help small business owners grow their businesses and succeed as leaders in their community.

Do you want to work with B.O.S.S. Consulting? We can help you work on business-related fear and anxiety as well as leadership resiliency and team dynamics. Reach out to schedule some time to talk at inquiry@bossconsulting.biz.

Want to get started with Honeycomb Credit and see what finance options and support their team can offer your business? Contact John Dubosky, their Pittsburgh City Manager, at john@honeycombcredit.com.