Hi Everyone -- I hope you’re all having a great Thanksgiving! 

Make sure to take some time to recharge and rest today. It’s an opportune moment to balance the entrepreneurial scales a bit. Even if historically you aren’t the best at taking a break, practice makes perfect. So practice making time in your schedule for family, friends, and rest.

However, if you are going to think about your business today (and you probably will), think about the things you can ask for help with. And then, think about how to allow yourself to accept that help. 

Think about gratitude, not just today but everyday. Introducing a gratitude practice will benefit you for your entire life. It will also help you build a healthy and resilient culture for your organization.

So remember, rest is important. It’s not a reward, it’s a necessity. You’re worth it and you’ll get fantastic ROI out of it as well.

Have a wonderful holiday!