I work with entrepreneurs at all stages, whether they're growing, pivoting, or rebuilding. A common hurdle is the fear of information. It's a widespread issue. Entrepreneurs often avoid digging into the numbers because, well, fear gets in the way. It's like when you're in denial - you don't want to admit it.

This fear of finding out can hold you back. It can lead you down some wild paths, all to avoid facing information that, deep down, you probably know is true. Sitting down to calculate costs or monthly expenses can be scary for early-stage business owners. I've had clients say, "I'd rather not know. It'll just stress me out."

Here's the deal - problems don't get solved by avoiding them. Denial isn't a business strategy, and "fake it till you make it" doesn't cut it on a business loan application.

It's crucial to understand that data-driven decision-making isn't a one-size-fits-all thing. You've got to look at your situation and figure out how data can help your specific business. There are tools and pros out there that can help, even if you're running a small business.

In today's world, data often holds the key to getting ahead. Solo entrepreneurs should pay attention to how valuable information can be for their ventures. Yes, collecting and analyzing data can be challenging, but the payoff in smarter decision-making and business growth is worth it.

Consider information as your business partner, a valuable tool if you're willing to use it. This fear of finding out is often tied to past financial challenges and our own specific money-related anxieties. We can work through these hurdles, but first, we must figure out what's feeding your fears. Let's start by looking at your money mindset – and let's find out together.

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