Do you ever wish that you could turn back the clock and provide your younger self with some of the skills and knowledge that you now have? I know I sometimes do. 

No matter how long you’ve been at this, starting and growing a business brings about a lot of change. You grow and advance as a person – intellectually, financially, and emotionally – alongside your business. A few years into the journey, you may look back and realize that much has changed in your life.

It’s possible your definition of “normal” is vastly different than it once was. Maybe the commitment and focus that it takes to run a business has also had an impact on your personal life. Perhaps you’ve grown more comfortable with uncertainty as you’ve become a better problem solver.

It can be tempting to imagine that time machine and wish you could have a chat with your younger self.  But the thing is, that person wouldn’t be ready for who you are now. You’ve changed.

Let that sink in for a moment. You’ve changed. Repeat it to yourself. How does it make you feel? 

Depending on your situation, that realization may make you uncomfortable.  If you started from a place of scarcity, your identity and self worth may be deeply tied to a community and a support network that hasn’t quite changed with you. You’re in a different place in your business and your life than you were at the start – and your new goals may take you down a path that diverges from the one your parents, siblings, and friends are walking.  

That can be challenging.  Even when change and growth are positive, you may feel a sense of loss.  Everyone may not be ready to go on the journey with you.  You may find yourself considered “other” or told you’re different from who you once were.  You might even impose those same labels on yourself out of loyalty to that past version of you.  

As your life changes as an entrepreneur and leader, you have to adapt along the way. Find peers who understand your growth and your goals. Continue to develop your support system as you move forward. This doesn’t mean you need to forget who you once were or where you came from. Change is constant and it’s not easy, so don’t take it on alone.

What’s something you let go of as you’ve been on your growth journey?

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