I’ve worked with so many small business owners who’ve been advised to do whatever it takes to grow their business. That outdated motto of “Grow or Die!” echoes in my mind each time one of my clients recounts this potentially damaging advice.

Have you ever received that advice? It can be a lot. The stress and uncertainty of this forced growth can cause entrepreneurs to fear expanding their business altogether. And understandably so. Growth for the sake of growth alone can have a terrible impact on your company’s capacity to operate on a daily basis. 

To avoid that exhausting fate, you should base any expansion on the goals you have for your business. Once you spend time listening, processing, and discussing what you want then you can make a sustainable growth plan that takes into consideration your capacity, resources, and personal bandwidth.

Take some time over this long weekend to slow down and examine your plans for the long haul. 

What is it that you really want to grow towards?

How will it help you without burying you in more busy work?

Where do you want to be five years from now?

Thinking through those questions and understanding your personal and professional goals will help you determine the most sustainable timeline to grow your business on your terms

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