As the daylight hours get longer, it’s easy to push yourself to get more done. However, packing your schedule isn’t always the best course of action. Being mindful of what’s happening around you, and how you’re interacting with the world, will lead to better results than working harder, faster, and longer.

There’s an article by Alice Boyes, a writer and former clinical psychologist, in the Harvard Business Review called “5 Mistakes We Make When We’re Overwhelmed.” If you’ve ever attended any of the peer-to-peer meetings or seminars that I’ve presented, you may already be familiar with this article. 

Dr. Boyes writes, “When you feel overwhelmed, you may react in ways that not only don’t help the situation, but that makes it even worse.” She then goes on to explain five different patterns that crop up when you’re feeling overwhelmed and provides suggestions for how to address those patterns in a positive and productive manner.

Take a few minutes to step out of the normal pattern of your day to give this article a read. It’s well worth the time. 

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