When you’re growing as an entrepreneur, you’re likely to face a number of challenges. Many will come from inside you, but there are external forces that influence (and sometimes stunt) your growth, as well.

It’s human to have support networks that help you along your path. Family, friends, community, colleagues – each one of these groups has an identity and a set of norms that everyone in the group tends to mimic to some extent. But, once you start to try new things, break traditions, and take a different path, you may no longer fit the same way into your support networks. They may begin to see you as other and the group may feel uncomfortable because of it. Staying in a support network that doesn’t grow with you can act as one of those external forces that stunt your growth as an entrepreneur.

Let’s look at an example: You’re the first entrepreneur in your family or your circle of friends. As you start on your journey and leave that normal 9-to-5 world, many of the conversations with your support network may focus on risk or security. They may flat out ask “why are you doing this?” 

The support group may try to bring you back into the norm. Apply pressure. After all, change is scary – not only for you, but for those around you. Your group may expound on how good it is to have a regular job with a regular paycheck. They may express doubt in your ability to do what you’re doing. They may express fear and that fear can influence your actions and hold you back.

So remember: support groups aren’t permanent. There will be times when you may only have a few individuals in your corner or times when you’re on your own. Find your next support group and continue on your pioneering way. You’ve got this.

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