As we grow as leaders, we need to take some time to think about trust. Trust is more than a static character trait. It’s a practice. 

Our co-workers and employees are always paying attention, and our behavior communicates more than any words we may speak or send in an email. Take a look around at the teams in your organizational structure. How much do they trust you? Have you earned -- and continue to earn -- that trust?

Here are some quick tips for maintaining the trust of your staff:

  • Be available and approachable as a leader.
  • Be consistent in your everyday activities and especially in moments of crisis.
  • Communicate good and bad news openly and transparently.
  • Own up to your mistakes and work to correct them.
  • When your team members make mistakes, work with them in a constructive manner and help them to solve the problem.

By incorporating these tips into our everyday management styles, we can create an environment of safety in our organizations that benefits both our teams and ourselves. Plus, with that boost of trust comes a boost in confidence -- and those two powerful forces provide a solid foundation for a sustainable organization.

Let’s keep the conversation going. Take some time to think about these two questions: What is your leadership style? Do you make room in your day to actively work on building trust and confidence? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. If you’d like to continue to explore how to build a healthy organizational culture, set up a time to talk with us here.

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