I bet I caught your attention with the title of this blog! The best part about it is that it’s true – boundaries are profitable. Some of us who have difficulties setting boundaries may see them only as limitations. But that’s not the case. Boundaries are gateways to finding the right clients, the right markets, and to establishing a healthy personal life. But how’s that possible when you are setting a limitation?

My suggestion is to reframe your thinking. You’re not setting a limitation, you’re setting a baseline for your decision making.

Here’s an example of what can happen without boundaries in place. You’re a new business owner just starting out. You take on a bunch of clients – even those who may not be a good fit. You work at a discounted rate and do a ton of extra customer service to try to keep those clients. As time goes on, your frustration increases (and so does the stress), cash flow issues emerge, and you pick up a few unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Now, let’s look at an example of what can happen when good boundaries are in place. You start your business and establish an interview process to vet new clients. You choose the ones with whom you feel you’d work best. You set a sustainable rate and avoid the stress and frustration of extra customer service issues because you’re working with your ideal clients. By setting these boundaries, you end up enjoying your work day rather than dreading it.

Are these simplified examples? Sure they are! But they also show off just how powerful boundaries are as a business tool. They allow you to put good standards in place and help stop you from having to undo, redo, overserve, and under charge. 

What part of your business is causing you the most frustration? Let’s set up a time to talk it through – a good, healthy boundary may be just what you need.

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