You’ve started your business, worked with a few clients, and you’ve just received your first glowing testimonial. Congratulations! That kind of validation for a small business is priceless. Knowing that your product or service is wanted and appreciated makes all the hard work and long hours feel worth it. 

After you bask in those warm and fuzzy feelings, remember to send a thank you note or email to your client. You want to keep that relationship going, and the fact that you took the time to respond to their kind words will mean a lot to them. 

Now, what do you do with the testimonial? Share it!

Ask your client for permission to post their testimonial on your website. This way you’ll have the opportunity to give them a shout out and show potential clients how great it is to do business with your company. Plus, the testimonial could give both existing and future clients a look into a product or service that they may not have taken advantage of yet. While these little shout outs may seem small at first, they’re a great way to reach across not only your network but the networks of your current client base as well.

So take time to ask for feedback. Even if you find out that there was an aspect of your product or service that your client did not like, that’s incredibly valuable information. It gives you the opportunity to improve your product and increases the likelihood of future 5 star reviews. 

Have you asked your clients for testimonials? Let’s set up a time to talk about how to reach out for feedback!  

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