In one of our past blogs (Which Mentor Do You Need?), I wrote about needing different mentors at different times in your life and career. Today, I want to talk about how to tell that it may be time to reexamine your mentoring needs.

The mentor/mentee relationship is one of the most valuable relationships you can have as you grow as a leader. Whether you’re in the entrepreneurial or nonprofit world, someone investing their time and knowledge in you should be validating.

However, in the past few years I’ve talked to a lot of people who felt drained and worn out by these interactions. The interesting part is that this feeling was reported by those on both sides of the equation. Mentors and mentees alike found that they weren’t looking forward to the next meeting or that they felt obligated (rather than motivated) to continue the relationship – neither of these scenarios bodes well for personal and professional growth.

Mentor and mentee roles evolve through the process of interacting with each other. And honestly, it isn’t always easy. You should expect some painful and emotional days as you go through the growth process. But when, as a mentor and mentee, you find yourself regularly feeling drained after a meeting or not looking forward to checking in with your mentor, that is an indicator that should not be ignored and should be explored.

So, have your mentoring needs changed?

That’s a trick question. 

As you grow and gain more experience in both life and business, your needs always change. The big question is this: are you stagnant and relying on a mentorship relationship that may not be right for you OR are you looking to the future with someone who can help you get there?

I’d love to explore this with you – let’s set up a time to talk about what you need to grow.

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