As we grow our businesses, and hopefully grow as individuals, our process needs to change. During uncertain times, we adapt on the fly to meet our needs. And we’ve all certainly been in that space over the last year.

But has it only been a year for you? How long have you been adapting to meet your needs and goals at a fast pace? 

When was the last time you had an opportunity to take a deep breath and think about something, not just complete a task?

When you don’t take time to reflect and plan ahead, it’s easy to get trapped in a perpetual task list. That’s no way to reach your goals or grow your business. 

One of the key members of your team who can help you with this process is your mentor. However, the mentors you have early in your business development may not be the mentors you need now. And that’s okay. Nowhere is it written that you’re limited to a single mentor over the course of your career. By branching out and engaging with new mentors, you can expand your knowledge base and bring new skill sets into your circle.

Take some time over this long weekend to put aside your task list. Think, plan, reflect -- it’s the best work you can do for yourself and your business. 

Here are a some questions to consider:

Is your business the same as it was last year? Are you the same person?

Are the habits and processes you’ve developed over the last year what you need to succeed? Or are they holding you back?

What do you want for yourself and your business as you look ahead?

Who is the mentor you need to help you achieve those goals?

Do you need some additional assistance sorting through these admittedly big questions? Contact us to set up a time to talk! 

Terry Doloughty is the Founder of B.O.S.S. Consulting with thirty years of experience in both the for profit and nonprofit sectors. Terry believes that leadership is the most valuable renewable resource. He’s passionate about sharing his skills and life experiences with the next generation of leaders so they can grow their organizations and support their communities.

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