Hello, all you hard-working entrepreneurs! Thank you for inspiring us with your creative, pioneering spirit. At this time of year, many of you are likely finding yourselves working harder than ever. It's easy to fall into the trap of trying to keep going-- to stick to your "normal"-- even when you've reached the end of your personal or professional bandwidth. You're already working so hard-- the idea of adding a new task or figuring out a different next step can seem too overwhelming. The very idea is exhausting. It can feel like your thoughts are racing like a squirrel on a never-ending treadmill.

This is where I'm going to challenge you today.

Slow down, take a deep breath, and be here with me in this post for just a few minutes. It will be alright. I promise you can get back to work soon. But first, I have a question for you.

Do you want to run around collecting acorns all day? Or do you plant an oak tree?

When we're near the end of our capacity, running around and getting small daily tasks done can feel validating. Busy equals progress – right? Maybe not.

Don't exhaust yourself with the same old tasks over and over again, faster and faster. Instead, ask yourself another question: Does [insert task here] help me today, this week, this month, and this year?

Everything you do shouldn't just be to get it done. It should lay the foundation for better things. Working hard and fast doesn't allow yourself the time or permission to examine why you're doing something. By stepping back and taking some time to explore alternative options, you can get the results and relief you're looking for.

So here's my holiday wish for all of you: Consider giving yourself the gift of permission. It's low cost, has high ROI, and yippee-ki-yay, business owners, it's the gift that keeps on giving.

Permission comes in more than just a single serving size that fits everyone. It can be anything you want it to be. Here are just a few examples:

Give yourself permission to compliment yourself on how hard you've worked this year.

Give yourself permission (and a get-out-of-jail-free card) to start that task you've been putting off for far too long.

Give yourself permission to take some space, grace, and rest. You've earned it. Plus, your performance will improve.

Give yourself permission to change what you offer, whether that's products or services.

Give yourself permission to feel a little less imposter syndrome. It's okay. 

Give yourself permission to try something new. 

You get the idea. Give yourself the permission to grow, change, and explore. The big secret is that we are the only ones who can give ourselves those allowances. So be the B.O.S.S. and give yourself some permission to do new things. You will like where you end up.

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