Imposter syndrome is the constant companion of people in the entrepreneurial world. It causes us to spend valuable time and energy assessing, comparing, and doubting – downgrading the best possible resource we have to work with, ourselves.

In some recent conversations about bandwidth, something I didn't expect kept coming up. We're not just using up our own limited resources on imposter syndrome. Many of us are carriers who are spreading the infection.

How is this possible? When we market ourselves and our companies, there's always the temptation to make things sound a little better than reality – to project an image of a flawless, profitable business. This is where we can start to spread what I'm going to call Imposter Anxiety.

With all the judgment, comparison, and doubt in the world, we perpetuate the cycle in our circles and communities by adding these flourishes. Just like how the prevalence of photoshopped models on social media can lead to increased body dysmorphia, creating a false entrepreneurial standard can isolate and discourage other business owners.

However, we can act as the vaccine for our fellow entrepreneurs. 

Step up and post the reality of entrepreneurship. Don't just show the Instagram-perfect, super-profitable business persona. Instead, show the real struggle, pain, and sacrifice that has led you to the hard-fought successes you've earned. 

Imposter Anxiety has become such a massive part of entrepreneurial and corporate culture. But if we work together, we can boost each other's confidence and self-worth and move on to a better, more healthy future.

Remember, the comparison is you to you, not you to others. So let's spread awareness and remind everyone that growing and progressing at your own speed is the best way to grow as an entrepreneur.

Are you struggling with Imposter Anxiety? Contact us, and let's set up a time to chat.

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