Being a small business owner presents many challenges -- both internally and externally -- as we work to keep our businesses running and growing. However, there are some challenges that are not acceptable in any way. 

One of my friends, Terina Hicks, has built her business, CobblerWorld, from the ground up. She’s worked hard, gone without, and succeeded. Recently, her storefront was vandalized and she received numerous racist voicemails.

Racism cannot be tolerated. Not in our private lives and not in our business lives. Period!

So, how do we combat hate?

Let’s show Terina that we care about her and support her. Small business owners, clients, friends -- this is an All Call. We need to show our support. I’m asking you to purchase Terina’s amazing products, buy gift certificates, and spread the world. I’m asking you to use the power of your wallets and your networks. Buy something delicious, share about it on social media, and ask others to support CobblerWorld as well. Make sure to tag CobblerWorld (@cobblerworldllc on Facebook and @cobblerworld on Instagram) and let everyone see the amazing things that Terina creates.

We support you, Terina! And we all look forward to seeing your business continue to grow!


Learn more about CobblerWorld on Terina’s website:

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