We all have big, scary tasks that we dread doing. So we put them off. We build them up in our minds until they're far larger and far more frightening than they actually are in reality.  Allowing a 1000 LB task to linger takes our attention and bandwidth, and we can no longer see that the task is, in fact, accomplishable. That can lead to even more procrastination, distraction, and worry.

But you're not alone in this. Unfortunately, distraction and lack of confidence are endemic in the entrepreneur world. Even when we know that the issues exist and that we are prone to these challenges, they tend to sneak up on us again.

So what's the solution? We work on noticing how these scary tasks affect us and try to spot the signs early. Once we know what we’re looking for and we have some warning, we can short-circuit their control over our subconscious and more quickly get out from under that sense of doubt and overthinking.  

Do you want to work on building more resilience so that you can notice the 1000 LB tasks sneaking up on you? Click here to set up a time to talk.

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