Why do your customers pay for your goods or services? Why do they keep coming back?

When I ask these questions to the entrepreneurs I work with, they are often unsure. They're so busy "doing what they do" that they haven't considered asking their customers why they chose them (or keep choosing them). 

Understanding your customers (and their wants and needs) is critical to the growth of your business. Your products and services must adapt and change based on your customer's expectations and needs. As your business grows, your role as a business owner should also change. You should evolve from a "doer" to a leader – focusing more on the long-term rather than the everyday aspects of your business.

Addressing the following questions should be a part of your job description as you evolve more into that business leader role. Take a few minutes to review each one:

  1. What makes your company stand out?
  2. What are the most important things your customers need and want?
  3. Has your process or product evolved, or are you still doing things like you did three years ago?
  4. Have you asked your customers for feedback recently?

Are you stuck with so much on your plate that you can't take time to think long-term? Let's set up a time to discuss how to turn that around.

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