Coming from a background of scarcity can have long-term effects on our thought processes, reactions, and emotions which, in turn, can act as additional anxiety to entrepreneurs. Building a company from scratch is difficult enough, but when you pair it with those extra burdens (and add perfectionism into the mix) it can be downright exhausting.

Effective decision making is one of the most important skills for entrepreneurs to develop. However, when you come from a background of scarcity, decisions hold a different weight. When you don’t have much, making the wrong choice can be fatal. A bad decision -- whether in the realm of finance or in the support that you receive from others -- can lead to consequences you can’t recover from. That extra stress can be paralyzing and you can end up in the trap of perfectionism, delaying decisions and actions because they’re not perfect, because of what someone else may think, or because of the judgment you place on yourself. 

This stress-filled, unending thought process and second guessing creates an environment perfect for even more unsustainable processes to join the party -- procrastination, negative self talk, and the revolving door of what-if thinking. When it all piles up, that stress and confusion is enough to shut down the most passionate and driven of entrepreneurs.

How can you combat these challenges before they stop your progress and steal away your confidence?

You need to get out of your head. The things I described above all happen when we’re too wrapped up in our own minds instead of looking at the data, opportunities, and choices. We can’t see because we’re in our own way. Having a business mentor to brainstorm with can help break those cycles from your past and lead you to establish healthier processes for your future.

As entrepreneurs, we can be our own worst critics and hold ourselves to unachievable standards. That perfectionism, as we’ve previously discussed in regards to procrastination, is a symptom of other issues. By learning to flex, adapt, and be kinder to ourselves, we can significantly improve our entrepreneurial journey. No successful plan ever progressed in a straight line, so embrace the imperfect! That’s where success is found.

Have you faced the challenge of perfectionism? How have you adapted? Share your thoughts in the comments below -- your story may help other entrepreneurs realize that they aren’t alone in this struggle.

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